Monday, 8 June 2009

Heading north through the Peruvian beaches

With yet another horrid bus journey over night, we made it to
Huanchaca early morning. It is a very sleepy beach town with very
little to do but
After checking in to at hostel called ¨My Friend¨, we caught up on the usual
few hours sleep before we began the day. The hostel is a beach bum hangout
stop with double room for 20 sol a night ) about 5 pounds and a killer
breakfast of fresh fruit, toast and eggs for about 1.50.
As mentioned, there really isn´t much to do in this town, which was really
just what we were after as we decided against any more mountains or trekking
for this trip so get got straight into the surf school. Our teacher was the
brother of Peru´s junior we were feeling a little intimidated
at this stage but soon enough we were happy to get down to business. With
only Simon and I in the school we had one on one teaching with some of the
biggest boards I have seen.
After the first 2 abysmal attempts on tiny waves, Simon and I were up
standing by wave 3.....very impressed. In 2 hours we were hooked!
In Huanchaca we decided to finally celebrate our engagement with a seafood
lunch. Since it happened we had been on back to back tours and buses. So we
stuffed ourselves with Prawns, Squid and fish....still nothing compared to
Australian standards.
After 3 days of catching up on rest and emails we were ready to move onto
another sleepy beach town...Mancora towards the Ecuadorian border.
Mancora is well known through the backpackers trail so it was much more
commercial than the last 3 days which was a little disappointing but the
beaches were a little more picturesque and the food amazing. We found a
great breakfast cafe called Green Eggs and Ham that we made our morning
Our first 2 nights were in a party hostel called Loki, which is
becoming a popular
chain around south America. We had a moment of thinking we should get in
with the young crowd and be cool but as soon as we arrived we realised why
we have stayed clear of any popular backpackers joint. Big mistake! After
night 2 we really wern´t keen to stay on due to the loud music and
party atmosphere (are we getting too old?!) so moved down the road to
a cute
hostel called La Casa del Turista where it was a family run place. Cute
clean and friendly, right on the beach. Mancora was another
cute little beach town where surfers come to relax (and party) but
with a little more
night life. We were there to surf, swim, sleep and just truly wind
down....Successful mission!
Highly suggested place to visit to get some of Perus stunning beaches
which to be honest are most often overlooked on the gringo trail and
most dont know they exist.

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