Sunday, 18 January 2009

4 weeks to go.....

..and Christmas and New Year festivities are well and truly over but the farewell parties have already started. With only 4 weeks to go we can't hide the excitement!
We are on the long straight road home now to our adventures for 5 months and we can't wait! It was about 1 yr ago that we started talking about how amazing a trip like this would be and now the dream is a reality, crazy to think it is only weeks away.
Visa's have been stamped, vaccinations have been had (ouch) and a dry run of packing our bags has been done. We are under our prefered weight for packs but there is always a last minute rush for the small things to be packed...books, hand cream, camera.. you know the ones!
Anyway we have never been so excited about our adventure ahead and the new chapter of life for us in Australia. It really is hard to believe it has been 5/6 years since we have called Australia home.
We hope you enjoy our travel updates that we will post on this site whenever we can... personally I will have great difficulty being dragged away from the beach or mountains to get to a computer but I will certainly try my best with Simon dragging me in kicking and screaming. (haha)