Friday, 20 February 2009

Booty in Brazil

We arrived into Rio yesterday and were instantly impressed. This city is so much more beautiful than we expected. Our apartment is in Copacabana, about 20 metres from the beach so extremely excited to say the least. Temp has been no less than 30 in the day and not too much cooler in the evenings. I am loving it and Simon is still acclimatising (the sweat machine)
We have tried the local beer (Brahma) local food (steak and BBQ Chicken) as well as accustomed to the local speciality of Caiparahna (vodka, tequila, vodka, tequila...and some limes) we have been no less than impressed with all of it.
For beachwear the feeling is that anything goes. It feels like they all have a J-Lo booty but who knows how real they can be :) It really is what you see on TV. Simon has not yet go into his mankini....thankfully. We are still the whitest on the beach but not for too long.

We are now off to Cristo Redendto (?spelling) (massive statue over looking rio) to watch the sunset.

Will post pics soon but it is hard to spend time inside at the moment.

Tish and Simon.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Safe and Well in Sao Paulo

hi all,

we made it, phew! after a heavy period of London farewell activity (thanks everyone!) we packed up the rest of our lives and got to Heathrow and on the plane. 11 hour flight into SP on TAM (great airline - h. recommended). Met up with Rusty and Bobbie today from Perth to enjoy the sights of SP today. Very warm here so theshorts and skirts came out - Simon is officially the whitest man in Brazil :)

Speak to you to Rio in a day or so where the party begins!

Bye for now

Love S & T

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Rough Itinerary!

17th -19th February

Sao Paulo/Brazil
19th -1st MarchRio de Janeiro /Brazil
1st - 20th MarchArgentina
21st - 1st April March Paraguay/Bolivia
02nd - 10 April
11th - 20th April
21st April - 3rd May
4th May- 1st June
2nd to 4th June
4th June to 09 July Africa Tour

Wednesday, 4 February 2009