Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lima, Miraflores, Internal bodyflora reduction ..

Well we cruised into Lima the capital of Peru with a few stories of good/bad from travellers down south so we werent expecting too much. So a summary of the highs and lows is warranted;

  • Seeing Russ and Bobby for one night on their way to La Paz - having cold celebration beers on arrival, a good dinner, good company, wine and an awesome meringue.

  • We stayed in a chilled Hostel in Miraflores (Inka Lounge) - met many good travellers from around the world including those volunteers helping out the Peruvian town Pisco which was levelled by an earthquake almost 2 years ago. Thanks to Ryan from South Africa for good laughs and use of his laptop!

  • Spoke Spanish, Spanglish, German, English and Portugese to a guy from Portugal to communicate! ha!

  • Had a nice walk with Tish overlooking the beach

  • Talking to Mum and Dad! (Mr and Mrs Peric)

  • Picking up Simons renewed passport safely from the Australian Embassy (the old one ran out of pages!) - soooo good to see Australian newspapers and tourism brochures at the embassy.


  • Overcast weather

  • Simon got a horrid bug that put him in bed for a good part of a day or 2. Part and parcel of travelling - this one was a shocker!

  • Missing out on a great seafood restaurant by the sea due to said bug.

  • Crap internet connection at the hostel preventing blogging and photos posting by Tish while simon was in!

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