Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Nazca Lines and Hair Loss...

With another bus ride from hell but this time we got on a really nice bus (cama full bed style) which means business class in S.A bus terms. Heading straight over the Andean mountains it meant crazy driving at a speed that is not probably not recommended....anyway we have heard all the bus stories now on with the real story...this one will be short.

Arriving into Nazca, we checked in, had a quick power nap and Si went up in a 4 seater cessna plane to see the lines (in summary a stomach wrenching ride with amazing views overlooking lines on the ground shaped into many formations, apparently formed by movement of dark rocks revealing lighter coloured sand...Simon thinks a few drunken farmers could have achieved this rather than the Nascans Tish wasn´t overly interested in seeing the lines so poped down the street for some internet time.

Nazca is just a place, very basic... Wouldn´t overly suggest it unless you are extremly interested in the lines themselves as the town is a bit of a dive but has one of the best Chinese Restaurants we have been to in a VERY long time at a bargin price of 9 soles ( about 1 pound 60) including won ton soup great for travellers budgets!
Nazca was a great place for us to rest and recover before heading off again and we comically ran into our Welsh friends again and joined them on the bus on the way to the Peruvian Desert town Huachachina for some sand dune buggy and sand boarding fun.

Last point on Nasca is that it was the place where Mr Peric finally decided to shave off his growing mop...number 4 on top, 3 on the sides...he had only been promising it for abou t20 years :)

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