Friday, 17 April 2009

Manu Jungle Peru

As we all know, a trip to South America is not complete without a trip to the we got together in Cusco with our good Australian friends from London Lindsay and Richie and booked ourselves a 4 day trip deep into the Manu Jungle. In a nutshell here is what we got for about $300USD per person:

  • Transfers via truck (A- team style Ford Van) to and from the jungle

  • all meals, water and snacks included

  • Birding

  • white water rafting on class 2/3 rapids

  • Birding

  • Tree top canopy flying fox and abseiling - so much fun!

  • Birding

  • Motor boating (no not what you think Dev if you ar reading this!)

  • Birding

  • Jungle walks at night (scary!)

  • Log boat ride in the marshes with baby anacondas apparently (not on the brochure!)

  • an english speaking guide with EXTENSIVE birding experience, good sense of humour, 2nd class white water rafting experience (the main guy had jungle fever!)

  • Clay Licks experience...and amazing feeding pattern of parrots and macaws

  • See this link for more on Birding...its a serious sport!

We had a great time with great people with good sense of humour, Will and Rachel from Wales joined us who were on our hell bus in Bolivia and we were also joined by a quiet english guy called Matt aka Megatron for his inhuman strength in knocking down trees on jungle walks...a trip he wont forget!

Funniest thing we remember on the first Jungle walk at night was our guide Miguel saying calmly "Only one rule of the Jungle...dont touch ANYTHING. Ants will bite you and you will cry like a child all night." Happy days! I have never seen people stick together so well! Of course there were lots of mysterious branches touching the person in front to heighten the scare. I was disappointed I didnt see a tarantula but was kind of happy after seeing a scorpion spider..this massive man eating disgusting thing! Aside of that we saw marsupials, rats, monkeys, birds, many more spiders and insects etc but no anacondas, jaguars or pumas - very rare!

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