Thursday, 23 April 2009

HUACACHINA (pronounced hoo-chee-mama) - Sand Boarding

Well I knew it would come ...the time when an experience would totally blow our minds, pump the adrenaline to extreme and dazzle us with beauty!

For the mathematicians:

1 Desert Warrior + 1 sandboard (a planks of wood with bindings) + massive Peruvian sand dunes = MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FUN!

So we had a few days up our sleeve on our way through Peru and we decided to detour close along the coast mid Peru to Huachachina (sounds like a type of chihuahua)...glad we did...Lonely Planet totally undersold this place..for sure the hotels were a little run down but they were fit for purpose, some chilling time by the pool and some sand fun. We booked into a medium range Hostel got a double room with a pool, nice. There are 3 things to do in this place, drink Pisco cocktails (average local grape used in Brandy), sit by the pool and top up the tan and get sand blasted! So we soaked up options one and two on day and two then came time for the sand work.

So H as I will call it is a desert oasis with a lagoon surrounded by hotels and eateries..we walked out the front of our hostel with an english guy keen for some sandbiting action and we saw a well spec'd dune buggy fit for the three of us (the rest of people go in 9 seaters which is like a small school bus, not as cool) the guy hands us card - the desert warrior! 8 years driving experience on dunes, from Venezuela, what struck us was his professionalism he had no interest in crazyiness and confirmed his credientials early on, we were booked in.

So that afternoon at 4pm we ascended into the desert from some crazy was a like a roller coaster with some sand boarding thrown in...the sand boarding was great fun, we rocketed down dunes and ate lots of sand on the way. I had some many memories of my dad taking me to Kurnell sand dunes in Sydney growing up, giving me a piece of cardboard and saying down you go! Aside of the baording the driving was the highlight, loads of of great driving, high dunes, fast pace action and amazing scenery and sunset all in about 2 or 3 experience we will never forget and didnt think we would see in Peru....any one making a trip to here MUST come past this.

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