Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Salta - Let the funny stories begin!

We stopped at Salta for 2 nights just to break up the trip from Mendoza to Bolivia. Another cute town known for it´s wine. (amazing how much money is around due to the wineries)

We arrived on a Sunday when EVERYTHING was closed so we wern´t sure about this town but heading out into town later that evening, we found a spot up-town where the action was happening. Salta is known for it´s wine and Peña (traditional folk dancing and singing over dinner) It really was great. Men in clots (baggy 3 quarter pants) and women in traditional dressed dancing around with a handkerchief - doesn´t sound great but it was! Really made us think what history and traditions these places have compared to our young country. (keep an eye out for the video and pics)

So we know how backwards Argentina can be but nothing prepared us for this!
Postal System!
We purchased a few Havaiana´s in Brazil (as you do) and have been trying to post them home...due to many reasons we had not yet been successful. So refusing to take them any further we made Salta the place to move it on.

Posting anything outside of Argentina is only possible from 8 to 12 mon to fri and at a "special" post office = Aduana.

So we found out from our hostel where to go...very vague much so that the 3 other locals we asked all gave different directions....anyway we made it there with with plenty of time....hmmmm.
We find out that you are required to provide your own box (they don´t sell them either), lucky for us we had purchased this weeks ago on your first attempt to send it. Then we find out they only send 3, 4 and 5kg boxes...we were after taking 1 small thing out at a time, (labels, plastic bags, stickers...etc) anything untill we were 2.80kg - we needed to leave weight for the brown paper to wrap the box and the tape to tape the paper...all of which you needed to purchase yourself down the road where we found out there was national shortage of clear 5cm width tape. We bent the rules and just got the normal clear (had to be clear not brown) tape and hoped for the best! So after running around town we made it back and started with the wrapping, taping and writing address detail. Through out this last process, the box was weighed at least 5 times after each step. 1. paper, 2. tape, 3. writing..... We came in at 2.85kg...Bonus! With 2 people processing this massive task, we signed on the dotted line (6 times) at 12.01pm....just made it.

We are happy to have it off our hands and are not sure if we will purchase too much more that needs to be posted home! sorry guys :)

Today we took a day trip out to Cafayate. Land of beautiful scenery (Grand Canyon type scenery with cactii thrown in) Pictures look great and will tell the story.

Off to Boliva tonight where the real action begins...good bye to easy travel...hello to trekking, high altitudes and no steak for dinner every night :(

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