Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Rio Carnaval...ouch!

Rio is an amazing city and with it came Carnaval. We had Sambodromo tickets for Sunday in section 5 = Great seats! The event itself was a visual spectacular with over 6 samba schools competing for first prize. Each school showed off its samba talent and flambyont floats for over an hour each. Sambodomo is broken up into many sections as well as vip boxes, constructed mainly of concrete steps (No allocated seats). We expected this to be a party with all the locals dancing and drinking on but it really is a tourist majority event but still an event you must see once - Proudly our stamina held us from 7pm to 6am fueled by chicken and beverages. We found out the locals have their own parties in the streets which is called a "bloco" party. (as per the band bloc party)

The night before carnaval we ventured to the area of Lapa where there are many bloco parties which are crazy. It involves street side barmen selling very very cheap lethal cocktails to unsuspecting/suspecting gringos. After 2 drinks we were well on our way and in bed safely soon after...with mystery illness the next day, leaving us a little worse for wear in the lead up to carnaval night.

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