Sunday, 15 March 2009

Getting to Buenos Aires

It is hard to know what your bus experience is going to be like but for this one we were blown away. With a waiter to give you refreshments, a few sugar sweets for breakfast and a movie that wasn´t in the 80s (although they have been classics) we had one of the best nights sleeps and a good laugh.
Our transit from Bus to accommodation has been very smooth so far. I think because we have quickly adapted to the pace in which you need to move to get anywhere and using our limited amount of Spanish we get there in the end. We are now living the true backpacker life with local buses, cheap eats (well not very often) big dorms and drinking beer instead of spirits. (simon is still struggling to belive that we can´t travel like we have done for the past 5 years on this 5 month trip...haha)
We arrived into Punta del Este (southern Uruguay) early morning to a sleepy town, thinking because it was early the town was still, it really is a sleepy town. Our view on the town was a cute and EXPENSIVE place you would retire on the beach with your yacht.
A chilled night in meant we were up early for a morning run and yoga before our trip out of Uruguay.
There certainly is a lot of travel through this continent...people tell you but you never really understand until you are doing it. It is comfortable travel so it isn´t a worry...just plenty of it. A full day of Bus, Boat and Taxi´s finally got up in to Buenos Aires...

We have met so many great people from Israel, Portugal (sofia - they are all as great as you), Spain, France, UK, NZ and Oz of course. It was so amazing to see so many Isrealians traveling....such great people.

Buenos come

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