Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bye Rio - Ola Paradise (Ilha Grande)

Well we havent really been living the true backpacker life as yet with apartments in Copacabana and now after 8 exhausting days it was time to head for some quieter beaches = 3 nights in a studio apartment with ocean views in Ilha Grande. Brazils 3rd largest island (although very small)

We rocked up to Ilha Grande with a reservation in a hostel but realised in a 3am inebriated booking it was for march...so arriving in one of the busiest weekends on the island we were turned down but were then offered an apartment with spectacular views for only 10 Reais more....can´t belive it was possible. The Island is extremly tropical and very very chilled. Sort of what you might expect from the whitsundays if you have been there.

We had one of the best pizza´s ever in Ilha Grande (no honestly)

After 2 days rest and recooperation we headed for a 2 1/2 hour walk to one of the most amazing beaches in the world (arguably) in 34 degree heat it was one of the hardest walks i think we have had to endure. Tish sweated through her clothes completely and well you know what Simon did (he was setting new records for water loss in an hour). If it is anyting like the Kokoda trail Graeme it must be tough but manageable :)

The Brazillians have been the warmest, friendliest people. Even in Rio people are just so nice (apart from some cabbies but that is international )

It has been weird to speak portugese when we have learnt spanish but we are getting there and conversing well with locals now for basic needs..

We LOVE Brazil. We were due to spend only 2 weeks here but have loved it so much it will be closer to 1 month. Hmmm can we extend this trip?

Now heading for a 17 hour bus ride to Iguacu Falls for 2 nights and spectacular waterfall action before heading back to a beach paradise (again :) island called Florianopolis.

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  1. Gee i feel sorry for you both having to walk 2 1/2 hours allong a beatifull beach and trying to say it is as hard as the Kokoda track I dont think so but its good to see you are starting to slow down a little and just relax