Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Safe and Well in Sao Paulo

hi all,

we made it, phew! after a heavy period of London farewell activity (thanks everyone!) we packed up the rest of our lives and got to Heathrow and on the plane. 11 hour flight into SP on TAM (great airline - h. recommended). Met up with Rusty and Bobbie today from Perth to enjoy the sights of SP today. Very warm here so theshorts and skirts came out - Simon is officially the whitest man in Brazil :)

Speak to you soon...off to Rio in a day or so where the party begins!

Bye for now

Love S & T


  1. Glad you made it ok! Apparently Sao Paulo is the third largest city in the world, and the largest in the southern hemisphere! You have just made it bigger by 2 people.

  2. Glad to hear you made it OK!

    I feel I have to inform you, that you have timed your trip terribly. You left 2 days after the Brit Awards, where Girls Aloud played at Earls Court!!! Simon, what were you thinking?!?!?
    Brazilian Mardi Gras vs. Girls Aloud in your neighbourhood? Foolish boy. :)

    Have loads of fun.

  3. Glad to hear you're both safe and well! It has been very quiet at Halford Rd this week, I've actually had to talk to Alasdair, scary stuff! Very jealous, it is definitive London weather here at the moment, grey, grey, grey! Take care and we look forward to hearing more...

  4. Glad to hear that youy guys made it there safely, sounds like your enjoying the beach, look forward to hearing about your adventures. had anything strange to eat yet, like guinea pig?

  5. nice to hear from you all, we are finally rested after some island time :)

    we heard a great story of guinea pig eaten by some aussie tracvellers - tastes like chicken (doesnt everything?!), we will have some in Peru. They said they ate it after hearing them squeal all the way on the roof of a bus and being lowered into the arms of hungry locals...poor guinea pigs!

  6. PS - Gutted missed girls aloud...I was hoping to see cheryl on Copacabana with her leopard skin bikini :)

  7. PPS - we feel empty some days with no house to return to - we miss many things about halford road - good time there. Hope you guys are well there and the new tenants are settling in.